2017-18 Donors:

Gifts from Donors
Between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018, more than 100 donors made contributions to the Hilton Education Foundation. Some contributions established new charitable funds, while others were added to existing funds or were made in memory or in honor of a loved one. We gratefully acknowledge and thank the following donors for their generous gifts.

Making a donation to the Hilton Education Foundation is a meaningful way to honor or remember the people who have made a difference in your life.

Matching Gifts Program
Northwestern Mutual Real Estate

Individuals and Families
Aaron & Alana Unterborn
Lynda Mc Cann
Joe LaMarca

Cadet Cupboard
Empty Bowl 2017
In Honor of
Brittany, Justin and Xavier Yunger
                        Mary Pfeffer
Connie Duff
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Pickering
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Andraszek
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rednolds
Michael Fischer
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Rumpf
Jane Mattle    
In Honor of                                                                                                                                                              
            Adam Lake & Barb Dagata
                        Mary Pfeffer  
Hilton’s Classic Wheels on Main Street
Hilton Apple Fest Auto Show
Hilton Parma Chamber of Commerce
Wegmans Food Markets
Joye Swanton
Bonnie Kieffer
In Memory of
            John Zeis
                        Pat & Glen Unterborn
Michelle Nelson
Quest School K Classes
Hilton Fire Department
Village Elementary Staff
            Ben Rudd
Quest PTSO

Al Mullan Scholarship
Brain Martin


John & Jane Pyles Scholarship
John & Jane Pyles

Bryssa Polatas Scholarship
Debra Cavallaro
Serena Andryewski
Jannell Ocque
Dante Stolfi
Brandon Stonegraber
Barbara Pallifrone
Ryan Plouffe
Karen Christensen
Dee & Bob Lucacci

Brian Scroger Scholastic Fund
In Memory of
            Florence McMahan & Brian Scroger
                        Jerry & Lois Scroger

Ellen Reitter Kindness
Andrew & Christine Nicklas
Ryan Lancer

In Memory of Joseph Polatas
Dolores Polatas
Mark & Diane Giancursio
Louise Hayes
Caroline Mei
            Excellus Blue Cross Shield Risk Adjustment Dept.
Constance Cart
Kim Browning 
Carl & Sheila Nyiri
James & Joanne Wengender
Mary Ellen Wagner
Jed Wilkinson
Abhas Kumar
Dominic & Christine Pickard
Ellen Pearce

In Memory of David Smalley
Peter & Lynda McCann
1ST Presbyterian Church of Albion
Richard & Carol Rizzo
Michael & Kathleen Holowka
Earl & Nancy Sweet
Merton Williams Building Association
Richard & Kathy Holden
Diana Parker
Karl & Cheryl Fishbaugh
Pamela Dovidio
The Librette Book Club
Chuck & Mary Partridge
Pat O’Leary
Larry & Carol LeBlanc
Gail Trautmann
Evelyn Seeger
Duane & Loretta Kirk

Distinguished Writers Award
Marilyn Waingarten

2017 Fund
In Honor of Shannon McPhee
              Jill McPhee
In Honor of Alexander Noel               
              Micki & Darin Noel

Jennejahn Family Award
Jennejahn Family


If your name has been inadvertantly omitted from our donor lists, misspelled or incorrectly listed, please accept our apology and inform us of our error so we can correct our records.

Your generosity is vital to our mission of connecting kids to greatness. To make a donation online, please visit www.hiltoneducationfoundation.org


*list updated 11/5/18